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Shenzhen changyan technology co., LTD. Is committed to providing customers with a full range of electronic & industrial process adhesive solutions. We cooperate with many international famous adhesives brand strategy, and integrate domestic excellent adhesives product resources, product line covers structure bonding, sealing, sealing, coating, heat conduction, electric conduction and other diversified product system. Truly to provide customers with suitable, professional solutions.

Based in south China, the company operates in more than 10 provinces and cities in central China, east China, north China and southwest China. Customers in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, home appliances, communications, new energy, microelectronics, acoustics, medical and other fields.

Changyan technology has set up a professional and dedicated sales technical team with advanced testing and analysis equipment to ensure stable and reliable products.

We take "good faith life, serious work" as the service purpose, wholeheartedly for the customer service. Achieve a win-win situation among enterprises, customers and suppliers.


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Telephone: 0755-23282465
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